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Cartee Berry and Associates Steel Detailing. Structural Engineering.  
Cartee-Berry Wins Grand Prize in SDS/2 Solid Steel Competition
Award Recognizes Innovative, Challenging Steel Detailing Projects
Cyber Innovation Center

Cartee-Berry & Associates is proud to announce that it has won a grand prize in the industrial category of the 2013 Design Data SDS/2 Solid Steel Competition. The company received the award for its steel detailing work on the Lafarge Duct Work Wet Gas Scrubber, a state-of-the art industrial complex located in Alpena, MI.



Steel Designers. Structural Engineers.

Cartee-Berry & Associates provides detailed fabrication drawings for steel fabrication companies throughout the United States. In addition, we provide structural design services to a variety of construction industry clients.

With seventeen detailers and ten checkers utilizing 25 SDS/2 stations, we have the capacity to handle projects up to 3000 tons.

The synergy gained by having a steel detailing and structural engineering firm integrated into one entity provides you with competitive advantages. As steel detailers, we have the engineering resources of two Registered Professional Engineers to guide your project. As structural engineers, we are able to combine our engineering services with our steel detailing services to reduce your construction cost.

Our firm specializes in providing three dimensional modeling and visualization to our clients in both areas of our business. State-of-the-art analysis and design tools are an integral part of our efforts to provide the finest service available to our clients. We provide services to steel fabricators, contractors, engineers and design/build developers.

As Registered Professional Engineers, our fabrication backgrounds provide us with unique insight to develop the structural design for your project with the final details in mind. This allows us to design and detail projects that yield lower fabrication cost to you the fabricator, which in turn, are passed through as savings for the owner.

We listen to your needs and develop fast paced solutions to what you want to achieve. We provide you with an understanding of how our services provide you with both economic and quality advantages over other potential choices. We demonstrate how we can save you money in upfront cost as well as cost associated with shortening the overall schedule of the project.

These services encompass more range than those provided by either structural design firms, or steel detailing firms alone. Cartee-Berry & Associates, LLC offers the following:

  • Steel detailing, modeling, design, analysis, and drafting capabilities
  • Quality control and assurance program
  • Steel detailing with engineering support
  • Structural engineering with steel detailing vertically integrated into the client services

Management Team

Rudy A. Berry, P.E.

Henry E. “Hal” Cartee, Jr., P.E.



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